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Solar Power Battery
ORION System’s solar power battery greatly reduces the power management requirements; saving seismic crews manpower cost by 30%. Once deployed, the batteries can support seismic data collection unit power usage in practically any weather. The batteries have been tested in the extreme weather conditions of North America and Asia.

Capacity 190WH
Voltage 3.6 ­‐ 4.2V
Design Power 6W
Operating Temperature -­40° to 80°C
Sunny Day Noon Time 6V, 500ma.
Sunny Day Early Morning 6V, 60ma.
Snow / Cloudy Day 6V > 120ma
Weight 2.5kg
Length 28cm
Width 9.8cm
Unit 211, 7879 8 Street, NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2E 8A2 / Email: contactus@sasgeo.com