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Revolutionary Dual-Coil Closed-Loop
Orion Recording System utilizes a dual-coil geophone accelerometer to offer better performance than MEMS accelerometers and traditional analog geophones. Orion provides flat amplitude and phase spectra in a wide frequency bandwidth (0.35 Hz – 340 Hz) which overcomes the MEMS accelerometer’s higher noise problem at low frequencies between 5 Hz and 20 Hz. The geophone accelerometer also provides less harmonic distortion (-105 dB) and good sensitivity (2.5 V/g). The noise is reduced to less than 1 micro g. THE rugged and low cost design solves the MEMS accelerometers’ problems of high cost and failure rate during seismic survey operations.

Freq. Bandwidth 0.35 to 340Hz
Dynamic Range Up to 124dB
Sensitivity Adjustable (4.76v/g -­ 47.5v/g)
Phase Response Linear
Power Consumption Work:­ 13.5mw
Storage / Transportation: 0.81mw
THD 0.0005%
Operating Temperature -­40° to 80°C
Weight 460g

Orion Geophone Accelerometer V.S. An Industry Leading Geophone
Amplitude and Phase
Amplitude and PhaseREFERENCE sensor in velocity domain (green): below 5 Hz, the amplitude decays as the frequency goes down and the phase shifts away. By reaching to the frequency of 1 Hz, the amplitude has been attenuated to approximately -32 dB. The phase reaches to 180 degrees which is completely opposite to the phase of the input signal. Reference sensor in acceleration domain (red): below 5 Hz, the amplitude response at frequencies is improved while the amplitude decreases as the frequency goes up above 5 Hz (20 dB attenuation at 100 Hz). The phase response never stays at the ideal zero degree line.

In both domains, Orion geophone accelerometer (blue) extends the spectrum bandwidth down to as low as 0.35 Hz and up as high as 340 Hz. In this wide frequency range, the amplitude response is almost flat. The phase response is improved dramatically, especially in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 200 Hz. It stays closely to the ideal zero-degree line.
It is clearly demonstrated that above 10 Hz the ORION System geophone accelerometer measures much more force energy than the reference sensor measures, whether in velocity domain or acceleration domain. The discrepancy becomes larger as the frequency goes up. Overall, there is approximately 4 dB improvement with the new designed geophone accelerometer at frequencies above 10 Hz.
Spectra 01 Spectra 02

Linear Sweep From 1.5 Hz to 12 Hz
The ORION System geophone accelerometer measures much more force energy below 4 Hz. At 1.5 Hz the geophone accelerometer offers 20 dB and 40 dB more power than the reference sensor in acceleration and velocity respectively. The ORION System geophone acceleration significantly improves the measurement of very low frequencies.
Spectra 01 Spectra 02
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